We’re a full-spectrum face and bodycare brand that intersects bio-innovative, clinically-proven products with mindfulness, mental well-being, and rituals rooted in self-love.

Inspired by founder’s personal struggle with cystic acne and keloids as a teen which greatly impacted his mental health we set out to create thoughtfully made skincare that’s not only highly effective and versatile, but that specifically encourages you to slow down, be kind to your skin, and to take some time to nurture yourself every day.

More Standards, Better Formulas

GLASS LIZZARD™ uses an extensive design process to offer purposeful, clean formulas. We envision a world where the modern consumer knows how to select the right skincare products for them, which is why we’ll always take you along the formula process - and the formula's benefits, context, and how to's.

We Donate 1% To Mental Health Organizations

We support our mission of self-care by taking it a step further. For every purchase of skincare from GLASS LIZZARD™, we believe in using part of the proceeds to donating to multiple organizations that support mental health.

Want To Know More About Us?

Come say hey @glasslizzard_tm on Instagram or Contact Us, where we’ll be sharing skincare education, all-too-relatable memes, and creating honest and raw conversations surrounding skin and mental health.